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результаты работы наших учеников


I studied information about arbitration myself on the Internet and YouTube before, tried to set up Facebook myself, but it was all to no avail. This is a great course. Now I figured out how to work with Facebook, what creatives should look like to work with ads, and how you can make money with it. This is not the kind of information you can find on the internet.


My company went bankrupt during the quarantine. A friend advised me to take a course from Arbitrage Up. I liked the course, I thought it’d be harder. Many thanks to my coach who was always helpful and supportive. Arbitrage Up is a team of professionals who are ready to assist in the development of their students.


I got basic skills in working with Facebook, I’ve never worked with Facebook before. It’s cool that there was always a coach on the course, he always helped. I learned how to make good creatives and write sales text. I quit my previous job. Now I set up ads on Facebook and work for myself. I’m still working with Arbitrage Up, and they’re giving me accounts to work with.

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